Search Position
Increased by 493%
Increased by 343%
Bounce Rate
Decreased by 22%

BioTrillion is a leader in the innovation of medical products. The teams new product using a phones sensors is revolutionary. Unfortunately their Search Engine Optimization was not. BioTrillion reached out to Formulated because they felt they had a great product but, they were having issues reaching their consumer base.


When we sat down with BioTrillion it was clear they were very passionate about their work and were having issues with their SEO. In our discovery process we researched their competitors and similar companies to understand what keywords we would be targeting. We first identified and fixed many weak points in their websites code that is critical to improve your placement on search engines such as meta tags, canonical tags, alt tags, schema tags, etc. We then reviewed their infrastructure and we were able to adjust this enough to improve performance and SEO without rewriting their website or moving hosting. Finally we were able to interface with similar companies and provide outreach, blog writing, and other SEO boosting features to their website.

Another feature the BioTrillion team wanted was to extend their existing codebase and make it responsive to all devices. At Formulated we always create our websites in a responsive manner but, adding onto an existing site to make it responsive was new. Luckily we were able to accomplish this with relative ease.

BioTrillion Ios Renders


In the first few months we tracked and identified our changes improvement to the Search Engine Optimization. We were able to improve the monthly active users of the site from 2274 to 7800. The Bounce rate fell from 89.3% to 67.3% and BioTrillion now appeared as the first entry on search engines for their optimized keywords.


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